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IAUEC Provides Access to Internationally Reputable Publication Databases

According to the public relations office report, from this point on all the scholars, professors and students of the university can get access to the reputable databases and read the full text of international papers and publications. The mentioned databases are Willey، Sciencedirect، Scopus, Springer. For gaining access you have to connect to university’s VPN and through […]

Dr. Ebrahimi: Iranians Residing Abroad can study with IAUEC

According to the public relations office, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi the general director of international relations in Azad University’s central organization gave a brief interview regarding the important role of IAUEC in educating and admitting the Iranian students who are living abroad. He also emphasized that recently two office of Azad University were opened in Europe […]

Minister of Foreign Affair’s Readiness to Cooperate with Azad University

According to Public Relations office at IAUEC during a recent meeting between Dr. Mirzade the president of Azad University and Dr. Zarif Iranian foreign minister very constructive and fruitful discussions were held. During the meeting Dr. Zarif concentrated on Azad University’s great potential for offering to Iranian citizens residing and living abroad through thr IAUEC’s […]

Islamic Azad University obtained the first place nationwide in Science Production

Islamic Azad University obtained the first place nationwide in science production and raised 22 position in world university rankings to the position 165. Also the number of Azad university published papers in reputable journals and conference papers has reached to 31990 papers. In addition to this according to ISI thomson reuters the number of quality […]